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Course outline

GCSE Art and Design – Exam 40 % Coursework 60 %
Btec Level 2 Art and Design – Exam 20 % Coursework 80 %

What type of student succeeds at Art and design?

Art and Design is a demanding A Level. It requires resilience and a willingness to work through problems and reflect on ones work independently. A love of creativity, awareness of oneself and the surrounding world is also essential.

Subject requirements at GCSE

A minimum of a Grade C at Art and Design at key stage 3 is required in order to study Art and Design at GCSE. The course requires a strong independent work ethic from the outset.

Complementary subjects

Art works well with a wide variety of subjects.


Students receive homework once a week. Art and design is best learned through constant development of skills coupled with in-depth analysis of other Artwork, artists and artefacts.