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Liturgical Life

Each term, our pupils and staff gather, in formal Mass, to thank God for our achievements so far and to pray for the safety and achievements of our community in the weeks ahead.  Every Wednesday, voluntary morning Mass is held in the School Chapel. 

Ordinary Time Summer

During Ordinary Time (Summer) i.e. up to September we are asked to pray for these  intentions:

A Deeper Understanding between Christians and Jews; Those Who Suffer Persecution, Oppression and Denial of Human Rights; Europe; Human Life; Seafarers.

Ordinary Time Winter 

During Ordinary time (Winter), i.e. up to Lent, we are asked to pray for these intentions:

Peace on Earth; Christian Unity; The Sick and Those who Care for Them; Victims of Trafficking and Those Who to Combat it; The Unemployed.

Peace Day: 14 January

Presentation of the Lord:  2 February 

Day for Victims of Trafficking: 8 February

Day for the Unemployed: 11 February

World Day for the Sick: 11 February

Octave of Prayer For Christian Unity: 18 – 25 February  

Racial Justice Day: 28 February

St David: 1 March


During Lent we are asked to pray for these intentions: Candidates for the Sacraments; Women; The Needy and Hungry of the World; Penitents and Wanderers.

Lent Fast Day: 23 March 

 St Joseph Spouse of the BVM: 19 March

Ash Wednesday: 14 February 

The Annunciation of the Lord: 9 April

Women’s World Day: 2 March  

Candidates for the Sacraments of Prayer    

Year Group Assemblies Autumn 2017

Year Group





Year 7

6 September


      2.10 pm

Father Christian

Year 8

28 September


     9.10 am

To be advised

Year 9

 19 September


     9.10 am

Father Christian

Year 10

6 October


     9.10 am

Father Chris Connor

Year 11

11 September  


     9.10 am

Father Christian

Year 12 and Year 13

11 October


     9.10 am

Father Christian

In addition, the whole school gathers for the following services:
Autumn term - Christmas Carol and Penitential Service. 
Spring term - Lenten Service of Reconciliation and Resurrection. 
Summer term - The Feast Day of St Thomas More; Year 11 Mass; Year 13 Mass 

Each service is supported by the Music and Drama departments who collaborate on a chosen theme, organised by the RE department, working collegially to prepare the pupils to lead and participate in the services. 




Day of Life Sunday 18th Jun (3rd Sunday in June)
St John Fisher and       St Thomas More Thursday 22nd June

Tuesday 11th July St Benedict,

Sunday 23rd July St Bridget

St Teresa Benedicta of Cross

Sea Sunday  Sunday 9th July (2nd Sunday in July)