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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Strategy at  St Thomas more school 

In providing CEIAG we will have regard to the Gatsby guidelines and will endeavour to provide:  

1. A rich and informative careers programme with clearly identified aims and events, customised for each year group of the school. 
2. A programme that incorporates the latest information from career and labour market current trends, thus updating pupils on the pathways and study options available to them, particularly in the local area. 
3. Each student with access to guidance and analysis which allows them to discuss their careers and training options for when they leave school. 
4. Relevant information in curriculum subject areas as to how different courses of study lead or predispose towards different careers. 
5. Timely encounters with employers and employees.
6. Work experience in Year 10 for each pupil.  Work experience will additionally be built into vocational programmes of study where appropriate. 
7. Opportunities for pupils in every year group to have encounters with personnel from further and higher education.
8. Personal guidance from an independent and impartial careers advisor (during Year 11). 

We aspire to present information to our pupils in an objective and impartial manner, highlighting the full-range of education and training options including apprenticeships and technical education routes.    This aspect of our programme will begin in Year 8 and continue through to the Sixth Form (the designated age ranges).

We are open to ensuring there are opportunities for a range of bona fide education and training providers to present information to pupils (in the designated age ranges) pertinent to opportunities.  Providers wishing to present at the school should contact Mr Ruggiero for a discussion.  We will also keep a library of materials in an accessible place for pupils.  Telephone: 020 8888 7122; email:

As there are limited opportunities to speak to pupils we may refuse requests.  



Year 11

Last year 64% of Year 11 progressed to the Sixth Form

13% of Year 11 went on to Further Education with other providers

1% of Year 11 went on to apprenticeships

0% of Year 11 went on directly to employment

20% of Year 11 – destination unknown

2% of Year 11 – Other (left the country; illness)


Year 13

89% of Year 13 went to University

6% of Year 13 went on to employment/training/apprenticeships

5% of Year 13 went on to other Education

0% percent of Year 13 – destination unknown.  


A summary of the careers programme planned for the current year is given below. 



Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 8


KS4 Options Interviews

GCSE Options Workshop (START)

STEM Speakers

Careers PSHE-Form Time Opportunities

Year 9


IntoUniversity Careers Carousel

STEM Speakers

Careers PSHE-Form Time Opportunities

Year 10

Enterprise & Banking Trip

CV Workshop (Barclay's Life Skills)

Work experience placement

IntoUniversity - Enterprise

IntoUniversity - Education Choices

Year 11

Haringey Post-16 evening

Post-16 Interviews

CEIAG Interviews

Into University - Communication in Workplace

STM Careers Fair

Post-16 Assembly

CEIAG Interviews

IntoUniversity - University Life

Post-16 Taster Session

CEIAG Interviews

Year 12

Post-18 Assembly - HE (Goldsmiths)

Oxbridge and Medicine Society Launch (The Access Project)

CEIAG Interviews

IntoUniversity - Independent Learning

Post-18 - Apprenticeship (National Apprenticeship Service)

STM Careers Fair

Post-18 Workshop (START)

Visits to universities

Work experience for vocational students

University Application Workshop (OSCAR)

IntoUniversity - Personal Statements

Year 13

Workshops – Higher apprenticeship applications (National Apprenticeship Service)

CEIAG Interviews

IntoUniversity - Personal Statements

STM Careers Fair

Student Finance Assembly

IntoUniversity - Skills for the future

Results Day Support (IntoUniversity)

Useful Links


Start is a free, online careers platform designed to connect 11-18 year olds with their future career potential. It combines the most comprehensive source of information with a personalised experience and career planning tools, helping our students to make more informed decisions about their future study and career options, as well as developing their employability.

Start includes:

  • A student profile: students build their profile and access personalised study and career information.
  • Modules: activities to guide students through the information on Start at the right time.
  • Up to date information: engaging content on what to study, where to learn and the world of work.
  • Locker: an online record of achievement to evidence skills for future applications and CVs.
  • Employability action plan: Students can set goals and stay in control of their career planning.

Log in at: 

See Mr Ruggiero for your username and password.

Apprenticeship Links

An apprenticeship is a real job with training which would allow your daughter or son to earn while they learn, whilst gaining a nationally recognised qualification. Apprenticeships take between one and five years to complete and cover 1,500 job roles in a wide range of industries, from engineering to accountancy, public relations to veterinary nursing. Apprenticeships are now available up to degree level and beyond.

National Apprenticeship Service -

The Apprenticeship Guide

Amazing Apprenticeships

Not Going to Uni 

University Links


Russell Group -

Unistats -

Student Finance -

Which? University Guide 

National Careers Service

The National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance across England on learning, training and work. The service offers confidential and impartial advice and is supported by qualified careers advisers. Their website includes several useful career tools including a skills health check tool and a course selection tool.


The school will update this information annually.  

Page updated 10 January 2019.