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St Thomas More

Catholic School



School Day


Registration  08.50 – 09.10
Period 1 09.10 – 10.10
Period 2  10.10 – 11.10
Break  11.10 – 11.30
Period 3 11.30 – 12.30
Period 4 12.30 – 13.30
Lunch 13.30 – 14.10
Period 5 14.10 – 15.10

Homework is compulsory for all pupils, but naturally will vary in quantity and content according to the course being followed.   Pupils taking external examinations should be expected to do 2 or 3 hours work per evening.   Homework timetables for each year group are drawn up at the start of the year, having consulted Heads of Department.
At the end of each term, students are nominated for Departmental and Year Certificates for outstanding Homework, which are presented at End of Term assemblies.
Show My Homework
Homework is now visible to all students on the Show My Homework website.  Please click on the SHOW MY HOMEWORK logo below to log in to the site:

Out of Hours Learning
Saturday morning classes 9.30am-12.30pm (Year 11)
After school study clubs (Prep) 3.10-7pm (All Years)
Homework Club 3.10-5:00pm (All Years)

After School Prep is held in the library daily, and it allows students to do their homework or personal study in a quiet, working environment. Students in all years are welcome, and there are always several members of teaching and support staff available to help students if required.

Prep times are from 3.10pm to 7pm daily except Friday, when it ends at 4pm.  A free light meal is provided to students who are still working at 5.15pm from Monday to Thursday.

School Awards System
Celebrating and rewarding achievement throughout the school is very important.  There are a range of rewards which are used within the school, including EPraise, good news postcards, departmental certificates and reward trips.

Our new online rewards system is EPraise, designed to motivate students to do even better.  The rewards system has a wide range of features and will be used when students show excellent effort, behaviour and book presentation.
Please click on the EPRAISE logo below to log in to the site:



Special Educational Needs
The Governing Body recognises that some of our pupils have learning difficulties and special educational needs.  We do our best within the limit of our resources to identify those pupils and tailor our provision to provide for them.  We do our best to ensure that the opportunities available to those with special needs are the same as for pupils who do not have special needs.
The school would like to admit more pupils with disabilities and now has a lift.  However not all of the building is accessible given that much of the premises is on different levels and part is a listed building.

'The curriculum provides a good blend of vocational and academic courses.'
'Students' achievements in the main school are outstanding.'

(Ofsted, June 2013)


We  have continued to develop our whole school literacy strategies in order to develop pupils' vocabularies and embed a love for reading. We have strived to put a real emphasis on pupils' acknowledgment and understanding of the Word of the Day and encourage teachers to use the words frequently and effectively in their lessons. KS3 pupils participate in literacy focused activities throughout the week during form time, which includes twenty minutes of silent reading and a Words of the Week spelling and definitions test. Year 7/8 pupils have also continued to enjoy the school's Drop Everything and Read sessions where they are asked to stop what they are doing in their ordinary lessons and read, for 20 minutes, once a week.

The school's library has never been so popular and  we received a £3,000 grant which was spent on CGP revision guides and books to support pupils with English as an additional language. We are pleased to host an annual Spelling Bee where pupils are put into teams and tested on a number of challenging words in order to be named Spelling Bee Champions of St Thomas More. Weekly literacy interventions, which take place during lunchtimes and Saturday mornings, are now at full capacity and are proving to be a successful way of supporting pupils who need additional help with their reading and writing.


For more information about the curriculum on offer at the school, please contact