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St Thomas More

Catholic School

Extra Curricular 

Clubs and after school activities can play a vital role in the all-round development of pupils by providing fantastic support and opportunities to continue learning after normal lessons end.  Additionally, after school clubs and activities give pupils the chance to mix with the wider school community and play a more inclusive role at St Thomas More.  In light of Covid-19 year groups will not be mixing, however, we will still be running clubs and activities.

The school offers a wide range of free, extended school activities, including: home learning clubs, sports clubs, language clubs, science, maths, dance, drama, music and crafts.  

Colleges and universities are always interested in the clubs students have attended and so is the school when pupils apply for positions of leadership in Year 11.   Please have a look below to see what is on offer at the school. 

Clubs 2021-2022

Youth Club

 Youth Club runs every THURSDAY at 15:10 - 16:15 for Key Stage 3, and 16:10 - 17:00 for Year 10 and 11s (Rugby / Football/ Badminton / Tabletennis) . 

Pupils can collect letters from pupil reception, the PE dept, or can see Mr Nwokeji for more details, information and letters.

 The school offers a wide range of clubs during the 2 hour session and there should be something so suit everyone.

Lunch Time Clubs

Lunch time clubs for different year groups will start on Monday 19th October.  The before school and lunchtime sports clubs are included in the timetable below.

Sports Clubs 

Attached are the details of after school Year Group sports taking place until the end of term.  

Sports Clubs Spring Term Jan-April 2022

Music Clubs 

Music Clubs 

Clubs Overview

Clubs Overview 2021-22

Club of the Month:

ANCIENT HISTORY CLUB: This week our Ancient History Club enjoyed an ancient Mayan feast with some very successful handmade guacamole, salsa and corn stew. Less successful were our corn tortillas (the Ancient Mayans had a knack that we certainly don’t!). To no-one’s surprise, the fan favourite was our chilli-spiced hot chocolate. Always a winner!