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Extra Curricular 

Clubs and after school activities can play a vital role in the all-round development of pupils by providing fantastic support and opportunities to continue learning after normal lessons end.  Additionally, after school clubs and activities give pupils the chance to mix with the wider school community and play a more inclusive role at St Thomas More.

The school offers a wide range of free, extended school activities, including: home learning clubs, sports clubs, language clubs, science, maths, dance, drama, music and crafts.  

Colleges and universities are always interested in the clubs students have attended and so is the school when pupils apply for positions of leadership in Year 11.   Please have a look below to see what is on offer at the school. 

Please follow the following link to see the extra curricular timetable and Sports Clubs timetable


Youth Club

Every Wednesday, 3.10 to 5.15 pm, the school holds Youth Club.   Pupils from all year groups can attend.  The school offers a wide range of clubs during the 2 hour session and there should be something so suit everyone.