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St Thomas More

Catholic School


Why is Art and Design Important?

Art and Design allows pupils to understand creativity and expression. It allows children to develop an understanding of space and teaches them how to successfully record the visual.  Pupils will develop an array of transferable skills through Art and Design work and become more aware of the advancing world around them.


Key Skills Required

  • To be able to draw from observation.
  • To understand how to use the influence of other artists to develop ideas.
  • To learn and be able to use subject specific vocabulary.
  • To be able to collect and present visual information.
  • To be able to work using a variety of different scales.
  • To be able to comment and give opinion about the work of others, both verbally and in written form.


Topics Covered In KS3

Number of lessons per week: 1

Topics Covered: Visual elements; Contemporary artist extended project (Michael Craig Martin); Mastery of Visual elements; Contemporary artist extended project - Day of the Dead, Gargoyles and Damien Hirst, Portraiture.

Pupils cover the formal elements of line, tone, texture, colour, shape, form and pattern. They will use the inspiration of Michael Craig-Martin’s man-made objects to draw from observation. Pupils will learn to draw using different scales, how to overlap objects and how to combine colours together within a piece of work.


Homework will be set in accordance with the homework timetable on a weekly basis. The homework will reinforce learning and provide opportunities for more independent learning. All homework will be uploaded onto ‘Show My Homework’ at the start of each week.


Assessment Details

Pupils are assessed regularly. Diagnostic monitoring will take place twice per half term.  At the end of each project there will be a test to recap new vocabulary and definitions.


Revision Support



Key Tips for Success

  • Bring in all necessary equipment for every lesson.
  • To ask for teacher assistance if there is any misunderstanding on tasks.
  • To ask for help with homework in advance of deadlines.
  • To print out homework prior to lessons.


How can a parent help their child succeed? 

  • Provide essential art resources.
  • Encourage your child to discuss their artist ideas with you and encourage your child to explore art. 
  • Visits to galleries greatly increases pupils’ understanding of the artistic world.