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St Thomas More

Catholic School


Why is Drama important?

Drama is a practical exploration of emotional and sociological themes and issues; which helps with team building skills and improved self-esteem. Studying Drama practitioners provides pupils with an understanding of culture and the world we live in.


Key Skills Required

Those who are most successful in Drama are those who are able to think creatively; this skill will be developed throughout the course.  Pupils also need to be reflective about their performance and how it could be improved.  One aim of the Drama course is to develop the pupils’ ability to evaluate their own work and that of others.  Teamwork is another important skill; pupils need to be able to work effectively with others. Developing communication skills via performance is an important part of the course.


Topics Covered in KS3

Challenging Stereotypes
Exploring Mysteries
'Ernie’s Incredible Hallucinations' by Alan Ayckbourn

‘Let Him Have It’- An exploration of the justice system
‘It was Terrifying’- An examination of the refugee crisis  
‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller



Pupils receive one homework per week which documents and reinforces their learning. This homework is to be completed in their Home Learning Booklet. They are expected to spend a minimum of 30 minutes on each task. There is also an extension task to further challenge them. 


Assessment Details

Teacher/Peer/Self- The pupils will create a performance in the penultimate lesson of a topic which showcases all of their learning. This is recorded and evaluated allowing the pupils to share in their success and set targets for their progression.   


Revision support

  • His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman
  • War Horse by Nick Stafford
  • Ernie's Incredible Hallucinations by Alan Ayckbourn
  • The Crucible by Arthur Miller

Websites to access:



Key Tips for Success

  • Think of imaginative ideas.
  • Be supportive to the rest of your team. 
  • Use every rehearsal minute.
  • Be confident when performing.


How can a parent help their child succeed?

  • Encourage your child to read aloud at home. 
  • Take a family trip to the theatre.