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Why is Mathematics important?

A great amount of mathematical content runs throughout all other areas of the curriculum at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. It is worth remembering that mathematics can indirectly benefit other subjects, particularly when solving mathematics problems in connections with the real world.


Key Skills Required

Basic knowledge and understanding of Number, Ratio and Proportion, Algebra, Statistics, Probability and Geometry and Measures.


Topics Covered in Years 7 and 8

Number of lessons per week: 5

Number, algebra, shapes and space, handling data.

Skills acquired:

  • Mathematical fluency through varied and frequent practice. 
  • How to solve problems which are both non-routine and increasingly sophisticated. 
  • The knowledge of ‘calculating strategies’ and an emphasis on mental work. 
  • Using correct ‘precise language’. 
  • The use of ‘formal mathematical representations and knowledge’. 



Homework is set three times a week. 

Homework will be set in class and also displayed in detail on ‘Show My Homework’.


Assessment Details

Each half term pupils will be assessed formally on what they have covered. The Head of Department will decide on the content of the test. During the term pupils might be assessed by their teacher through topic tests. These are very important and will help  teachers to ensure pupils keep on track with revision.


Revision Support

  • “Murderous Maths” by Kjartan Poskitt. There is also an accompanying website ( which includes information about the books and extra bits as well as games, hints, tricks and puzzles.
  • Tarquin publishes a mathematical magazine called ‘Circa’ ( which is filled with a richly entertaining mathematical mix of explanation, history and games.


Key Tips for Success

  • Spend a significant amount of time on homework and on revising for every end of unit test.
  • Keep up with the work covered and ask for help if unsure.
  • Ensure that all work is presented clearly.


How can a parent help their child succeed?

  • Ensure that your child is using their exercise book to help them complete their homework and revise.
  • Be willing to answer questions to help your child revise topics thoroughly.