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Why are Modern Foreign Languages important?

Learning a modern foreign language is important because it enables pupils to make connections with different people and their cultures.  The world is increasingly interconnected and proficiency in languages is seen as a highly desired skill by employers.


Key Skills Required 

French and Spanish are the ability to identify new key words in short texts, to analyse short phrases and to identify the main points in short written passages and read a simple book with help.


Topics Covered in Years 7 and 8

Number of lessons per week: 2 


Term 1       Talking about yourself, describing yourself and school.
Term 2       What you do in the week, your area and free time.
Term 3       Holidays, new technology and the media.


Term 1       Talking about yourself and others and different countries and nationalities.
Term 2       Your school and your local area.
Term 3       Families, food and eating out.



Pupils are set homework once a week.

One reading comprehension task or one extended writing task.


Assessment Details

Pupils are assessed regularly. Diagnostic monitoring will take place twice per half term. Pupils will complete a summative assessment every half term.


Revision Support

  • (French dictionary online)


Key Tips for Success

  • Pupils should learn at least 10 new words every week.
  • Pupils should always ask for help in areas that they are unsure of; they must ask for help with their homework in advance of the deadline.
  • Make sure that all work is presented neatly and always written in full and detailed sentences.
  • Pupils should have a bilingual dictionary and must not use Google translate.


How can a parent help their child succeed in this course?

  • Supervise your child’s homework.
  • Encourage pupils to practise writing new key words.