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St Thomas More

Catholic School


Why is PE important?

Physical Education will enable your child to learn both the practical and theoretical skills required to take part in sport. Your child will have an understanding of the reasons why we take part in sport and the benefits associated with sporting activity.

Your child will be given the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sporting activities and have access to extra-curricular clubs run both at the school and with local elite clubs. Physical education is an essential part of school life and your child should be a keen and active member of the class.

Your child will benefit greatly from taking part in at least 5 hours per week of physical activity. This can be provided by your child also participating in the clubs, before and after school.

Key Skills Required

The KS3 course aims to give pupils the opportunity to:

  • Develop Core Skills
  • Apply Decisions
  • Develop physical and mental capacity
  • Evaluate and improve
  • Make informed choices about health and active lifestyles


Topics Covered in KS3

Number of lessons per week: 2

Autumn Term

Boys –Rugby, Basketball, Trampolining, Table Tennis, Fitness, Football 

Girls- Netball, Rugby, Badminton, Fitness


Spring Term

Boys – Fitness, Table Tennis, Athletics, Football

Girls – Trampolining, Athletics, Gymnastics


Summer Term 

Boys – Cricket, Volleyball, Rounders

Girls – Rounders, Athletics, Football, Basketball


Assessment Details

Pupils will be assessed on both their practical ability and technical knowledge through peer assessment and teacher assessment using both video and live analysis.  Pupils will also be tested on their fitness at the beginning and throughout the year. Pupils will be summatively assessed with an end of term test.


Revision Support


Key Tips for Success

  • The PE department offers pupils the opportunity to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Our hope is for all pupils to find at least one activity in which they can participate and find success in outside lesson time so that they go on to live physically active, fulfilling and healthy lives.
  • Pupils should have full PE kit for all lessons and spare sport clothing for the extensive extra-curricular programme.


How can a parent help their child succeed in this course?

  • Support and encourage extra-curricular participation by either attending or giving permission to train and play in competitions 
  • Ensure that your child has full equipment for their timetabled lessons as well as extra-curricular lessons.