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St Thomas More

Catholic School


Curriculum Overview

Year 10

Year 11

DNA/ An Inspector Calls to understand the plot and have a secure knowledge of key characters.

DNA/ An Inspector Calls – Revisited -   indepth study of themes, characters, historical context, links to novels, playwrights intentions.

Power and Conflict Poetry – Revision   16 poems to be learned and to be able to  comment and analyse.

Power and Conflict Poetry – Revisited -   in depth study of themes, context, comparison of named poems.  Identifying sophisticated use of language and structure.

Unseen poetry.

Comparison of unseen poems

Comment on writers thoughts and feelings.


Understanding Shakespearean language/ context links to themes/ characters

Macbeth  revisited…

Writer’s intentions, historical context, in depth analysis of themes, language for effect, structure for effect, Jacobean audiences/King James 1 author of Deamonology and how it links to Macbeth

Language Paper 1 and 2

Language Paper 1 – final in-depth revision

Speaking and Listening Assessment

Language Paper 2 – final in-depth Revision

Jekyll and Hyde – to read and understand basic plot and historical context of novella.  To form an opinion of the main characters.

Jekyll and Hyde – Revisited in depth study of themes, science v religion, duality of man, Freudian beliefs, characters, historical context, writers intentions, links to novels