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St Thomas More

Catholic School


Course outline

All papers are equally weighted

  • Paper 1: Listening and understanding (time 45 minutes, 50 marks) All papers equally weighted
  • Paper 2: Speaking in Spanish/French (10-12 minutes plus 12 minutes preparation time, 70 marks)
  • Paper 3: Reading and understanding in Spanish/ French (1 hour, 50 marks)
  • Paper 4: Writing in Spanish/French (1 hour 20 minutes, 60 marks)

What type of student succeeds at French/Spanish GCSE?

Successful MFL students have a broad range of skills. They express their thoughts fluently and have an interest in the culture and identity of the countries and communities where Spanish/French is spoken. They also have a good knowledge of how language works.

Complementary subjects

Languages are well paired with the Arts and with Sciences.


Students receive homework once per week. This homework may vary from learning vocabulary to independent research. It is important to revise grammar constantly and to work independently on the various websites used at GCSE level. There will be translation exercises as well as extended written pieces. At times homework may be to watch a clip of a video or to write a short film review.

Student View

“I am enjoying studying languages. I am particularly enjoying the book I have been given as extra reading material.  I also enjoy learning about the culture of Spanish speaking countries and the fact that all lessons are conducted in Spanish. I am hoping to continue with Spanish at university”. 

Thinking ahead

Do I need to study French/Spanish at GCSE to study A Level French/Spanish?

It is advisable to complete a language at GCSE level prior to embarking on an A Level language course. Most students will need at least a level 6 at GCSE to progress to A Level French/Spanish

Which university courses require a MFL  A Level?

Although many degrees do not specify that you need a language it is always an advantage to have a MFL whether you are studying for a B.A. or for a B.Sc.

Which university courses look favourably on an MFL Level?

An MFL A Level is favourable for any degree which requires essay writing.

What are the entry requirements to study Languages at university?

French/Spanish degrees usually require an A/ A* in the first language and a B in the second language.