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St Thomas More

Catholic School


Key Stage 4 

Our KS4 curriculum:

Our KS4  curriculum is focused around managing stress and fostering fitness for life. In Year 11 pupils are given the chance to choose the sports that they complete each term. They enjoy mixed sports throughout the 6 week term and at the end play a tournament. Through a wellness questionnaire, pupils identified that social sports would help to manage stress. We also use this as a strategy to make links to social clubs outside of school with the aim of fostering fitness for life.
Academic PE

Our rigor in the classroom and passion for our subject intends to create scholars who go on to flourish within a range of sports-related careers.

GCSE Physical Education

Year 10

In year 10, pupils will be completing a series of projects that will bring the OCR topics to life and immerse them in historical context. Pupils will be given the opportunity to be exerts and coaches in their field: analysing movement to replicate programmes such as Hawkeye used in professional sport. Pupils will also be taking on in-school projects by attending clubs, analysing and coaching teams to support teachers and develop their own knowledge. They will deliver group sessions to teams to develop their cardiovascular, muscular and respiratory systems.

 In Term 3-4 pupils will start their coursework with the aim of developing their own performance in their main sport. They will test, plan and train to improve in their sport, with the over-riding aim of developing their skill and personal-autonomy, whilst also training competitively for their NEA practical assessment.

In term 5 pupils will be venturing into engagement patterns in sport and factors that affect participation through primary research in school. They will be completing this topic with a 5-minute presentation on their findings and strategies to increase participation in sports, in school and in Haringey. This will be developing confidence and critical thinking within the subject.

In term 6 pupils will be immersing themselves into the wonderful World of Wimbledon. Pupils will be reflecting on the development of a competition that is a British favourite and learning about how commercialisation and media have been pivotal to the growth and development of the competition. During this term, pupils will be offered the opportunity to go to Wimbledon, in order to develop episodic memory and opportunity through Cultural Capital.  

Over Summer, pupils will be completing a health and wellbeing project, in which they will be writing a 4-week fitness programme to complete in Summer for their sport and a diet plan to benefit their performance.  

Sports Leadership Qualification:

In Year 10 our pupils are offered the opportunity of gaining the SLQ. This course aims to develop personal development through leadership skills.

Year 11

In year 11 pupils will be starting the year by critically analysing current trends and data released by Sport England over the Summer. They will be specifically looking at data from Haringey, London and the UK. They will be hypothesising and drawing conclusions from quantitative data. This topic will give us scope to make comparisons to other memorable times in sporting history such as the London 2012 Olympic Games, which saw a large increase in participation in sport in the UK. Our term 2 Olympic project, is a fascinating project that will take us back in time. Pupils will research pivotal points in history that are tied to ethics, drugs and violence in sport. This will give pupils the chance to learn about Black History through the eyes of Jesse Owens, who won 4 gold medals in the 1936 Berlin games, much to the dismay of Adolf Hitler. Pupils will also be revisiting commercialisation and media, but through a different lens; learning about the impact that it had on the Olympics. In term 3, pupils will be starting a new project on the All Blacks Rugby team, studying the famous psychology and mental preparation that this team uses to prepare for competition. Pupils will be drawing on comparisons from other cultures, such as American Football, to give them a well-balanced view on strategies employed in different games and from people of different culture and backgrounds.  

In term 4 pupils will revisit health and wellbeing, by reflecting on COVID and how it impacted their own health and wellbeing. Pupils will be following this up with writing a fitness plan for their self in hindsight and giving them nutritional tips that would benefit their overall health during lockdown. Pupils will also be drawing on their knowledge of nutrition to include individual tips that would support them in their training from home towards their specific sport.  

Course Layout:

BTEC National Extended Certificate

We run two BTEC courses - Level 2 and 3 National Extended Certificate. Pupils in Year 11 will do Level 1/2 Tech Award in Sport, Activity and Fitness




BTEC Level 1/Level 2 

Tech Award in Sport, 

Activity and Fitness  

This is a one or two year full-time course, worth one GCSE at grade A*- G. After this, you can progress onto further courses, training or work. 

Level 1/2 Tech Award in Sport, Activity and Fitness  
The BTEC level 1 and 2 Award in Sport is designed to develop knowledge and understanding required in the sporting sectors and to focus on:
  •  Providing opportunities to acquire skills and knowledge which are transferable and will help individuals to meet changing circumstances, whether these arise from a shift in their own status or employment or general changes in sport, provision or environment
  • Developing the knowledge, understanding and skills of learners to meet the needs of the sporting sector.


Units Description / Title 



Understand the Body and the Supporting Technology for Sport and Activity 



The Principles of Training, Nutrition, Psychology, for Sport and Activity 



Applying the Principles of Sport and Activity