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St Thomas More

Catholic School


KS4 Religious Education

At GCSE, pupils follow the Edexcel course. In Years 9 and 10, pupils will study the following:

Area of Study 1: Study of Catholic Christianity
Section 1: Beliefs and Teachings
Section 2: Practices
Section 3: Sources of Wisdom and Authority
Section 4: Forms of Expression and ways of life

Area of Study 2: Study of second religion: Judaism
Section 1a: Beliefs and Teachings
Section 2a: Practices
Section 1b: Beliefs and Teachings
Section 2b: Practices

Area of Study 3: Philosophy and ethics based on Catholic Christianity
Section 1: Arguments for the existence of God
Section 2: Religious teachings on relationships and families in the Twenty-First Century

In Year 11, pupils will study eight units and three topics for each exam paper.

All pupils are externally examined in the summer term of Years 10 and 11.