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St Thomas More

Catholic School


Drama & Theatre (A Level)

Course outline

AS Drama and Theatre – Component 1 ‘Exploration and Performance’, and 2 ‘Theatre Makers in Practice’.
A Level Drama and Theatre – Component 1 ‘Devising’, 2 ‘Text in Performance’, and 3 ‘Theatre Makers in Practice’.

What type of student succeeds at Drama and Theatre A Level?
Drama requires team-working skills, as well as self-motivation. Confidence and communication skills are just as important as writing ability. Experience in Drama is also necessary.

Subject requirements at GCSE
A minimum of a Grade B in Drama GCSE and Grade 6 in English GCSE is required in order to study Drama and Theatre at A Level. In addition, all students must take an entrance audition and exam based on holiday homework.

Complementary subjects
Drama and Theatre is well paired with any Arts and Humanities subject, for instance English, History, or Media. However, students also find it an invaluable creative subject alongside science or business based subjects.

Extra Curricular Opportunities
Our current selection of activities includes: Mountview Academy of Arts (the professional Drama School) weekly training sessions for selected pupils, workshops from Drama Schools including RADA/LAMDA/Central, frequent theatre trips to the West End.

Students receive homework every lesson: either practical rehearsal or written work. Outside of lessons we provide the space, resources and guidance; they need to commit to constant rehearsal, research and study.

Student View

“As a Drama and Theatre student, I have been involved in school productions, drama competitions and theatre trips. I love growing in understanding of the world around me and myself as a person. Having the opportunity to work with Mountview Drama School has convinced me that this is the path I want to pursue.”  


Future Directions

Which Further Education (FE) courses require Drama and Theatre A Level?
Drama-related degrees range from Acting (run at Drama Schools) to Theatre Studies (at Universities) to Applied Theatre (at both). They usually require Drama and Theatre A Level and often English too. It is interesting that Law degree students often took Drama and Theatre A Level.

Which FE courses look favourably on Drama and Theatre A Level?
Drama and Theatre A Level is favourable for any degree which requires creativity and presentation skills.

What are the entry requirements to study Drama at FE level?
Drama entry requirements are anywhere between BCC and AAB. Some have an audition process.

To which careers could Drama and Theatre A Level lead?
Acting, Theatre Designing, Directing, Producing, Drama, as well as leading workshops.