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Course outline The Edexcel BTEC Level 3 90-credit Diploma in IT is a qualification that consists of two mandatory units (20 credits) plus optional units (70 credits) that provide for a combined total of 90 credits (where at least 70 credits must be at level 3 or above)

Mandatory Units: Unit 1 Employability & Communication                   

                                Unit 2 Computer Systems

There are a range of other units to choose from to make up the remaining 70 credits, these include Graphic Units, animation, software design, networks, website design, databases and many more.                                               

What type of student succeeds at ICT BTEC?

ICT BTEC pupils require high level of organisational skills. There are a lot of units to go through and a wide range of different skills required. Ability to adapt is crucial. ICT units will vary from more creative units to more analytical skills, pupils must be prepared to learn and develop different skills including software skills but also problem solving skills.

Subject requirements at GCSE

A minimum of a Grade 4 at Maths and English is required in order to study ICT at BTEC. Preferably all pupils will have some ICT background at Key Stage 4.

Complementary subjects

ICT BTEC is well paired with subjects such as Business, Art and Design as well as Media.


Students receive homework every single day. There is a high volume of practical work to complete and therefore homework standards are set from the very first day.


Future Directions

Which university courses require an ICT BTEC?

There are a wide range of courses that will require an ICT BTEC. ICT System degree, Computer Networks, and Graphics as well as many others.

Which university courses look favourably on ICT BTEC?

ICT A Level is favourable for any degree which requires logical thought and problem solving tasks

What are the entry requirements to study ICT at university?

ICT Entry requirements are a minimum of 280 UCAS points DMM National BTEC

Which careers could ICT BTEC lead to?

Engineering, Teaching, Computer Science, IT Management, Analyst, Business and Software Development, among many others.