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St Thomas More

Catholic School


Curriculum Intent

A good knowledge and understanding of mathematics is essential to everyday life.  It is critical to a range of fields, from science and engineering to finance and economics.  A sound grasp of mathematics is essential for financial literacy, for most forms of employment and for functioning independently in society.  We aim to develop these skills through our curriculum, we also strive for students to develop the disciplinary knowledge of a mathematician; the ability to reason mathematically, to follow a line of enquiry, to solve problems strategically and to provide justification and proof.


We have a Gifted and Talented group that meets weekly where students can explore different areas of maths as well as complete maths puzzles, conundrums and logical games.

We enter the more able students into the UK National Maths Challenge Competition.

We have a  Saturday School where pupils are invited to maths booster lessons (led by our Maths teachers) for Years 7 to 9 and GCSE/A Level revision classes or/as well as extended periods after school.


Mrs G Pringle- Head of Department,

Mr P Powell- Second in Department 

Mrs M Sowa

Ms M Plewa

Mr J Alibanwe

Mr K Calibasi

Mrs N Vicknathasan

Mr M Faraj

Miss V Dervish

Mr C Ssemakula

Ms S Powell

Mr F Gualtieri

Mr J Amos

Miss Fleischer

Mrs A Neimane - Teaching Assistant 

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