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St Thomas More

Catholic School


What is Media Studies?

Media Studies examines mass communication in all its forms. We study a variety of media products from the Audio & Moving Image sector, Publishing, as well as the Interactive sector. We also carry analysis of films, TV programmes, video games, radio programmes, music videos, magazines, newspapers and so much more. Such products are analysed through micro and macro deconstruction, in order to help students develop and construct their own media products. Students learn the process of media production: pre-production, production, post-production, distribution and exhibition.

At St Thomas More School, the Media department is a dynamic and active place. Students study key concepts such as media language, representation, audience, and industry. They leave with skills that can be used as part of their university studies, in the thriving media industries in the UK, and are easily transferable to all other sectors as every business and institution relies on a media presence.  

Our students produce complex pieces of work using state of the art technology. The department enables students to build work portfolios which can be used for professional interviews, or support college/university applications


Ms A Slevin - Head of Department

Ms T Marques

Ms C Dag