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Modern Foreign Languages 

Why are Modern Foreign Languages important?    

Learning a modern foreign language is important because it enables pupils to make connections with different people and their cultures.  The world is increasingly interconnected and proficiency in languages is seen as a highly desired skill by employers.

The Modern Foreign Languages classrooms are fully equipped with computers, mini-whiteboards, bilingual dictionaries, air conditioning and colourful displays.  All of these features contribute to high levels of learning.  Within French and Spanish lessons we use a wide range of authentic resources such as film, music and newspaper articles to ensure that we bring the language to life for our students.  As a department we are always looking to improve our teaching to ensure that students love learning languages.  In order to keep our lessons fresh we regularly observe each other, share resources and good practise and also draw links to the present day in a variety of French or Spanish speaking countries.

The courses we offer are flexible and relevant and offer exciting materials which aim to cater for all students by developing their four key skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking.



Ms Silva- Head of Department

Ms Mullan

Mr F Guaje

Ms Y  Hernandez Munoz (French Language Assistant)