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St Thomas More

Catholic School


Why is PE important?    

Physical Education will enable your child to learn both the practical and theoretical skills required to take part in sport. Your child will have an understanding of the reasons why we take part in sport and the benefits associated with sporting activity. Your child will be given the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sporting activities and have access to extra-curricular clubs run both at the school and with local elite clubs. Physical education is an essential part of school life and your child should be a keen and active member of the class. Your child will benefit greatly from taking part in at least 5 hours per week of physical activity which can be provided by clubs before and after school.

Department Intent:

We want to fully equip our students with the skills they need to meet the challenges of the future, whatever they may be. We want to use physical education as a means of preparing pupils for life. Our Physical Education Curriculum not only covers a breadth of sports but we also aim to develop confidence, a growth mindset, positivity, strong leadership skills, social skills and perseverance. 

By the end of the St Thomas More School experience our pupils will have a great understanding of health and wellbeing and an enjoyment for physical activity with the aim that they will develop positive habits that they continue to utilise for life.


‘An aspirational department which will: 

  • Inspire love of sport 
  • Foster fitness for life 
  • Create scholars and stars’ 

Curriculum Intent:

Our curriculum intends to inspire a love of sport and foster fitness for life. Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is broad and aims to engage ALL young people, with a real focus on transferable skills and developing a real love of sport. We recognise that not every student shares an intrinsic motivation for sport and have developed our style of teaching from skill-based to a concept-based curriculum. We aim to use Physical Education as a vehicle for overtly teaching personal development, with the goal of developing young people with a fantastic mindset and love of physical education. 
ME in PE, is our new approach to Physical Education. We aim to teach our pupils to be successful with their HEAD (Thinking ME), HEART (Social ME) and HAND (Physical ME). Each lesson will have a Learning Objective that involves the head, heart and hand. 
For example, teaching the physical skill of 'dribble in basketball', the thinking concept would be 'black box thinking' and social concept 'self-control'. This new approach aims to add value to the traditional PE lessons that are taught so well. We are aware and proud of the fact that Physical Education is a means of teaching so many life skills and developing well-rounded, healthy and happy students.

Physical Capacity                                                                                            PHYSICAL ME   

Range and Quality of skills                                                                        SKILLFUL ME   

Coaching, leadership (Eval/Anal)                                                           SOCIAL ME  

Decision Making/ problem solving                                                      THINKING ME   

Mental Capacity                                                                                               PERSONAL ME  

Healthy Lifestyles                                                                                            HEALTHY ME  


Assessment in PE - Pupils in core PE will be assessed using our ME in PE model

Pupils will be given a bronze, silver or gold medal in each of the 6 assessment traits at the three assessment points each year.

Extra Curricular:

Our extra-curricular programme and club links intend to continue to create stars. We are a school that has a reputation for excellence through our club programme and engagement in Haringey Sports Competitions, which we strive to continue to maintain. We run football, volleyball, netball, basketball, rugby and athletics clubs to a very high standard.


Miss J Monsurate - Acting Head of Department

Mrs L Carter - I/C of Girls' PE

Mr N Ameh - I/C of Boys' PE

Mr C Adjei

Mr A Turner

Ms C Thomas

Mr M Lusardi

Mr M Nwokeji

Ms K Kirwan

Mr M Omojudi - Teaching Assistant