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St Thomas More

Catholic School


Why is PE important?    

Physical Education will enable your child to learn both the practical and theoretical skills required to take part in sport. Your child will have an understanding of the reasons why we take part in sport and the benefits associated with sporting activity. Your child will be given the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sporting activities and have access to extra-curricular clubs run both at the school and with local elite clubs. Physical education is an essential part of school life and your child should be a keen and active member of the class. Your child will benefit greatly from taking part in at least 5 hours per week of physical activity which can be provided by clubs before and after school.


Miss J Monsurate - Acting Head of Department

Mrs L Carter - I/C of Girls' PE

Mr N Ameh - I/C of Boys' PE

Mr C Adjei

Mr A Turner

Ms C Thomas

Mr M Lusardi

Mr M Nwokeji

Mr M Omojudi - Teaching Assistant