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St Thomas More

Catholic School

Philosophy & Ethics 

Course outline

AS Philosophy and Ethics – Philosophy of Religion (Ancient Greek influences, Jewish/Christian influences, the existence of God, Challenges to religious belief) and Ethics (Ethical theories and applied ethics).

A2 Philosophy and Ethics – Philosophy of Religion (Ontological argument for the existence of God, religious language and the problem of Evil) and Religion and Human Experience.


Mr S Ruggiero

Miss R Leach

What type of student succeeds at Philosophy and Ethics A Level?

Philosophy and Ethics is an academic discipline that encourages a rigorous study of religion and ethics and then applies it to the wider world. Students will need to adopt an enquiring and critical approach to the study of religion. They will also be encouraged to reflect on and develop their own values in the light of the study they have done therefore they need to be independent learners and avid readers.

Subject requirements at GCSE

Students will need to have passed Religious Education at least to a Grade 5 before they can embark on studying Ethics and Philosophy. Minimum of five GCSEs, grades A*- C including a Grade 5 or above in English GCSE.

Complementary subjects

Philosophy and Ethics is typically understood to include a fairly wide variety of topics ranging from philosophical thought from its beginnings in Ancient Greece to present day looking at current affairs, ideas and practices. Thus, there is a wide variety of subjects that compliments an A Level in Philosophy and Ethics some of which are Sociology, Business Studies, Economics, Modern Languages, Psychology and History.


Students receive homework after every lesson. It varies essay questions based on case studies, podcasts, and newspaper articles to researching current affairs topics that relate to the course content. Students are armed with a pack from the outset that contains revision guides, past papers and mark schemes in order to aid their independent study.

Future Directions

Which university courses require Philosophy and Ethics A Level?

Philosophy and Ethics is an inter-disciplinary subject so there are no strict subject requirements. At least one essay based subject is required. 

Which university courses look favourably on Philosophy and Ethics A Level?

Philosophy and Ethics is highly regarded by universities and employers as it proves that you are able to think, discuss and evaluate. It is excellent preparation and is looked favourably on for a degree in the Humanities.

What are the entry requirements to study Philosophy and Ethics at university?

Philosophy and Ethics entry requirements are high. Anywhere between CBB and A*AA.

Which careers could Philosophy and Ethics A Level lead to?

Philosophy and Ethics prepares students for the following careers; Law and Medical Service, Journalism and Publishing, Education, the Media to Politics.