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St Thomas More

Catholic School

Specialist Leaders

Within the alliance, we are extremely fortunate to have a number of Specialist Leaders in Education whose experiences, specialisms and leadership have been instrumental in the development of our teacher training programme.


National Leaders in Education

National leaders in education are strong school leaders who have experience of effectively supporting schools in challenging circumstances.  In addition to leading their own schools, NLEs work to increase the leadership capacity of other schools to help raise standards.

Martin Tissot 

Martin Tissot – Executive Headteacher, Cardinal Hume Academies Trust Director, NLE

Martin Tissot is the Executive Headteacher of each school within the alliance, as well as a Cardinal Hume Academies Trust Director, the Trust in which each school is part of.  He specialises in General School Improvements and Multi-Academy Trust Partnerships.  


Specialist Leaders in Education

Specialist leaders in education are outstanding middle and senior leaders who have the skills to develop the capacity and capability of other leaders so that they have the skills to lead their own teams and improve practice in their own schools.

Simon Bent 

Simon Bent – Initial Teacher Training & Geography

Simon is an Assistant Headteacher responsible for Teaching, Learning and Assessment.  He is a Specialist Leader in Education with specialism in developing ITT programmes and supporting geography teachers and leaders to build and sustain capacity for improvement

Daniela Prina 

Daniela Prina – English

Daniela Prina is an experienced Head of English, taking her department to a Progress 8 figure among the highest in the country.  As well as her strong departmental leadership, Daniela has a strong understanding of the English Curricular. 

Winnie Greer 

Winnie Greer – Leadership Development & CPD

Winnie Greer is a senior teacher who has overall responsibility for the catholic life within the alliance.  She is a specialist leader in education with a focus on developing capacity in leadership management, coaching and mentoring.  She is currently supporting leaders and managers within all schools in the alliance, providing effective and practical coaching to develop the skills of future leaders in education.  Several of those mentored by Ms Greer have gone on to hold high-level management positions in various schools across the alliance.  As a former Deputy Head, her expert knowledge stems from a wealth of experience, both at middle level and senior level management. 


Leading Practitioners

As well as a wide rage of Specialist Leaders, the alliance has a vast number of Lead Practitioners.   Leading practitioners are those teachers whose primary purpose is to model and lead improvements of teaching skills.  Our teachers who take on these roles are not only instrumental in ensuring continued school improvement but act as mentors to those in their departments and beyond.

Leading Practitioners

Ms C Murden, St George’s School - Maths

Ms D Prina, Bishop Douglass School - English

Mr S Barnes, Bishop Douglass School - Science

Ms V Torpos, Bishop Douglass School - MFL

Ms V Hadden, St George’s School - History 

Mr S Bent and Ms C Dunne, St Thomas More School - Geography

Mr J McKay, St George's School, Highly-Able, 

Mr D Saunders, St Thomas More Catholic School - Sixth Form

Mr S Taylor, St George’s School - PSHE

Mr J Reed, Bishop Douglass School - Music

Ms C Rosen, St Thomas More Catholic School - Drama

Ms I Goursaud, Cross-Alliance - SEN

Mr A Rosen, St Thomas More Catholic School - PE

Ms T Warriner, St Thomas More Catholic School - Sociology

Ms H Barnes, St George’s School - Psychology

Mr C Lynch, St George’s School - Media

Mr C Golle, Bishop Douglass School - Art