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St Thomas More

Catholic School

GCSE Results!

The leadership of St Thomas More School  are celebrating a very strong set of GCSE results, which will place the school in the top ten percent of schools nationally (with the caveat that this depends on the national data set).  This year, the school was re-inspected by Ofsted and retained its ‘Outstanding’ status. 

Mr Tissot (CEO of the Cardinal Hume Academies Trust) said: “This year over a fifth of all grades were at grade 7 or above, which is pleasing given the increased rigour of the examinations and the new, 1 to 9 marking system.   This is a leap forward for the school.” 

Mr Rowland (Head of School St Thomas More) said he was convinced that success was to a significant extent, attributable to the additional support that takes place after school on Saturday and during every holiday period.  He paid tribute to the Teaching and Learning team headed by Deputy Headteacher Mr Simon Bent and the support of all the staff.  Ms Warriner (Head of Year 11 and Deputy Headteacher), commented “Having been in school every Saturday this year, I have seen the hard work and sacrifice and I am so pleased to see pupils now reaping the rewards.”

Mr John Meadows (Chair of Governors) commended the hard work of pupils, the dedication of staff and Governors and the support of parents. He said: “Both our able pupils and our disadvantaged pupils have performed well.   We are just as pleased for our students who find learning challenging as we are for our brightest and best - who have secured clutches of grade 9s and 8s.” 

There were many successes across the board, but four pupils are worthy of special mention having secured their places to study A levels are:

Maica Angela Caidic (female) – Seven grade 9s and three grade 8s.

Marilyn Gomes (female) – Five grade 9s and seven grade 8s.

David Ohene Nyankayi (male) - Three grade 9s and four grade 8s.

Ishita Deb (female) – Three grade 9s and five grade 8s.

Daniel Abendano  - Five grade 9s and one grade 8 and 2 grade 7s