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St Thomas More

Catholic School

St Thomas More School students question our political representatives

July 2021 has seen the students of St Thomas More Catholic School challenge big names in U.K. politics in a series of Q&A discussion sessions with politicians from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

The school aims to create regular meaningful encounters for students with both local and national political representatives to support its politically engaged student body and encourage young people to take an active role in bettering communities and society.

David Lammy MP visited the school to meet with students from Year 9 and 10, who were interested to learn about the work the Shadow Secretary of State for Justice has undertaken on Grenfell,  Apprenticeships and Higher Education.

Younger students in Year 7 and 8 also took part in a Q&A with Lord Woolley of Woodford, the Founding Director of Operation Black Vote, and a cross-party member of the House of Lords since 2019.

Blessing Moke Musese, Year 10 student said of her meeting with Mr Lammy: "He told us that what we put into our work and our lives is what we will get out, and this resonated with me and my GCSE studies. It is great to have our representatives visit us at school so that we can voice our opinions and hopefully he can take them to Parliament.”