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St Thomas More

Catholic School

GCSE Results 2017

It has been another great year for pupils at St Thomas More  School with a 33% increase of pupils achieving both English and maths. 

Mr Tissot, Executive Headteacher, and the Governors are over the moon with this year’s GCSE results.  Year 11 pupils have made excellent progress; using the new Progress 8 measure the expected progress is +0.64 which doubled that of 2015/2016 (+0.32).  Mr Meadows, Chair of Governors, said, “I am particularly pleased that the numbers achieving A*, A and B grades are rising year on year - this year, it was 45% of all grades at St Thomas More.  This is phenomenal for an inner-city school and demonstrates our commitment to academia”.  Mr Rowland, Head of School, paid tribute to the hard work of pupils and dedicated staff.  He said, “The challenge of the new syllabi, exam system and new grading for English and maths were particularly difficult for all.  Clearly, the pupils rose to the challenge with a 33% increase from last year of those achieving both English and maths”.

Ms Warriner, Head of Year 11, is clear that pupils’ success stems from the amount of extra time they spend in school; everyday there are additional lessons, and on every Saturday and in every holiday the pupils attend timetabled lessons.  Ms Warriner said, “Although pupils do find it hard coming to school on Saturdays and throughout the holidays, as I and so many staff do, they are now reaping the benefits.  I want to thank all the parents and staff that supported me in this. It is without doubt the commitment of staff to all the pupils that drives their progress and it is this that keeps St Thomas More an outstanding school.”

Three pupils who have done exceedingly well this year are Maja Maciurzynska, Ismaeel Rujbally and Anahy Mercado Zambrana.  Maja attained Grade 9 for maths, 2 8s for English along with 5 A*s and 5 As; Ismaeel was rewarded with Grade 9 for maths along with an A* and 4 As; and Anahy achieved Grade 9 for Maths, 7 and 8 for English along with 5A*s and 3As.