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St Thomas More

Catholic School

GCSE Results Day 2015

Mr Meadows, Chair of Governors at St Thomas More School, said he was ‘elated’ that results had improved substantially again.   He said, ‘The examination goal posts have been moving in the last couple of years and this year, in line with government policy, we have been targeting ‘first-entry’.  To increase to 70% from 55% last year is an amazing achievement and testimony to the hardworking staff and students at the School. 



Five A*-C grades including English and Mathematics rise by a staggering 15%.

Executive Headteacher, Martin Tissot, said, ‘Our value-added score will be very high again this year and will undoubtedly place us in the top decile of schools.  I am very proud that we enable all pupils to succeed regardless of their starting points.  We have a remarkable Head of Year 11, Ms Tracy Warriner, who has nurtured this year group and given them the support they need to achieve their best.’

Mr Mark Rowland, Head of School, said, ‘Although we have done phenomenally well under the ‘first-entry counts’ system this year, I am not convinced that holding back from early GCSE entry is in the best interests of our pupils.  Our experience is that they are able to learn from their mistakes and then can ultimately achieve better grades when they re-take.   That is why all of our Year 10 have taken examinations early this year.’  

Ms Warriner, Head of Year 11, said, ‘I am extremely proud of this year group.  I am just as proud of those who have secured vocational qualifications as I am of our high-fliers.  However, I am delighted that so many students are moving into our Sixth Form with a clutch of A and A* grades.  Overall 25% of grades were A or A*, an impressive statistic for a comprehensive inner–city school’.  

They include:  Artem Yurov (m)  (5A* and 4 A grades), Ola Adedokun (f) (2A* and 7 A grades),  Mathew Allen (m)  (2 A* and 6 A grades), Lukasz Anulewicz (m) (3A* and 10 A grades), Jaemal Fergus (m) (1A* and 7A grades), Abida Khanom (f) (2A* and 5 A grades).  

*St Thomas More Catholic School was described as ‘The most improved school in England’ in the Daily Telegraph over three years (2014).  

L-R in photo: Artem Yurov, Ola Adedokun, Jeamal Fergus and Tomas Dilys with their GCSE results