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St Thomas More

Catholic School

Peer Mentoring

St Thomas More School runs highly successful Peer Mentoring Programme.

St Thomas More School’s Peer Mentoring programme has been growing in popularity for the past two years. The scheme now involving over 50 Mentors, who provide younger pupils with support, guidance, friendship and reinforcement. The programme is designed to contribute to the development of both Mentors and Mentees and enable them to develop the confidence, self-esteem and skills they need for success in school and in life.

One Mentor said of the programme, “Mentoring helped me to develop my leadership and management skills. I feel that I made a positive impact on my Mentee as I encouraged and supported him to build new friendships. Mentoring has given me the confidence to support others and I feel proud of the impact I’ve made.”

The Peer Mentoring programme helps the school to support its Catholic ethos. Staff are especially proud of how the Mentors have grown into their roles, and the level of responsibility they have all shown. Feedback from pupils has been overwhelmingly positive and indicates that the programme has been a great success in supporting pupils’ health and wellbeing.

Mentees effused that their Mentors truly helped them grow as individuals, and one said, “My mentor has helped me to develop my confidence, communication skills and given me guidance throughout my school year. The scheme has really helped me to settle into a new school and feel a part of the school community.”