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St Thomas More

Catholic School

Weekly Sport

St Thomas More's Year 7 athletics team named Haringey Champions for sixth year running!

Year 7 Indoor Athletics

The Year 7 boys' and girls' athletics teams competed in the Indoor Haringey Athletics Championship on Wednesday, along with all other schools in the borough.  The pressure was on, as St Thomas More had been named Haringey Champions for the past five years!  We are delighted to report that the reign was continued this year, after St Thomas More won most individual track and field events, finishing in first position overall.  The boys' team were particularly exceptional, beating their nearest rivals by 19 points and conjuring up a total of 129 points.  Huugo Boateng's performance in the 6-lap race was the most memorable; he finished in 1st position by a very large margin. The final league tables on the day were as follows:

Boys' Competition

St Thomas More- 129 points- 1st
Alexandra Park School- 107 points-2nd
Gladesmore- 106 Points- 3rd
Heartlands- 99 points- 4th
Dukes- 94 points-5th
Park View- 94 points-6th
Woodside- 0 Points- 7th
Greig City- 0 Points- 8th
Highgate Wood- 0 Points- 9th
Fortismere- 0 Points- 10th

Girls' Competition

St Thomas More- 123 points- 1st
Alexandra Park School- 115 points-2nd
Gladesmore- 105 Points- 3rd
Channing- 104 points- 4th
Heartlands- 94 points- 5th
Dukes- 70 points-6th
Park View- 64 points-7th
Woodside- 0 Points- 8th
Greig City- 0 points- 9th
Highgate Wood- 0 points- 10th
Fortismere- 0 points- 11th

Year 7 Boys' Basketball

The Year 7 boys' basketball team competed in their first Haringey League game of the year against Woodside High. Victories in the Junior NBA league late last year left our boys in a confident state. The final score was 43-4 to St Thomas More School - a great start to the year! Several points on the day were scored by Darren Niamba, Emmanuel Yessoh, Kwesi Shakane, Jahzye Bitaye-Shepherd, Jesse Udaigwe and Ibuchie Johnson to secure the victory.